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Tellurian: Products & Services is one of the premier online network offering customers business internet connections, web hosting and server co-location services. Tellurian Network, Inc. offers some limited categories, such as, Medical Hosting, Co-Location, System/Server Management, Dedicated Business Connections (DSL/T1/T3/OCx/Ethernet), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Spam and Virus Protection Services.

Tellurian: Company Background is the private authorized provider of Internet Services and web hosting. The company was officially launched in 1995 and primarily is hosted in the northern New Jersey and New York markets. After having a great customer response they grew and be able to provide their services throughout in the US by 1997. And now, Tellurian Networks is one of the leading companies, which provides medical application hosting and connectivity servers in the US.

Tellurian: Customer Feedback & Reviews

As of these times, there are no customer reviews for on the best known review sites. However, there is multiple customer feedback on the DSL report website. Where their customers reviewed about their provided services and according to the satisfied customers overall, the majority services are impressive. Most customers were delighted to having good experience. Some customer reviews were:

“Ordered 384/128 ADSL. Was impressed with sales person's knowledge of technical issues. Ordering process was quick and painless. Install took ~2.5 months, but this is completely attributable to Bell Atlantic's order screw ups, not anything with the ISP. I keep my PC on all the time, and it runs daemons that require constant connectivity - and if connectivity is lost I'll see it in my syslog.”

“My home ADSL (384/128) service is provided by Tellurian Networks (Newton,
NJ). I've been using my connection for about 2 weeks now. The entire
experience from initial contact through final installation and my brief use
has been totally positive.”

Visit here to read both reviews fully.

Tellurian: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, does neither have a BBB rating, nor does Tellurian Networks have BBB page. Meantime, they didn’t win any accreditations, certifications or awards. Nevertheless, Tellurian Network is a verified platform, which provides profitable, professional, trusty services based on the customers and their familiarity in the US.

Tellurian: Website Popularity & Google Ranking has a world-wide Alexa traffic rating of 1,809,280, it means that there are 1, 809,279 sites are having better Alexa traffic ranking than the company. About 66.5% of the visitors to the come from the US and between 45 thru 55 year olds visitors are greatly visited at tellurian site. A penguin fact is one the top queries that derives 4.29% traffic to the site. has a Google Page Rank of 5 out of 10.

Tellurian: Social Media Presence

Amazingly, has a Facebook Fan Page where so far only has ‘1’ like. The reason behind such scenario seems that the company provides the possibility for their customers an email mailing list that customers can easily connect with their sellers after getting sign up for keep up to date with all their great services and latest services relevant news. Excluding their mailing list, the customers also can keep themselves up to date via following the company in their LinkedIn account. To be informed, they don’t exist on Google +, Twitter and on other social sites.

Tellurian: Website Security & Safety diagnostic page shows that the site is not currently listed as suspicious. Based on the statement of Google safe browsing page, the site was not detected any malicious or suspicious content on the website in the last ninety days. Either, the site has not hosted any malicious software over the past ninety days.

Tellurian: Pricing & Packages

Tellurian Network, Inc is aware to their customers in advance that all prices quoted on the website are subject to change without any notice. They make their customers to knowing the most current pricing, send an email to or contact them regarding pricing queries related to sales, pricing, orders or options. For knowing their prices and rates, you can email them at to know at once by their auto responder.

Tellurian: Shipping Rates & Policies

In an account of Tellurian Networks’s offices and shipping addresses, you must use the following address for shipments to their East coast office:

Tellurian Networks, Inc.

4 Park Place

Newton, NJ 07860

Skype address is: 973-300-9211

And, the following address for shipments to their West coast office:

Tellurian Networks, Inc.

650 S Grand Ave

3rd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90017

Skype address is: 213-624-2000

Tellurian: Payment Methods Accepted wants to make it 100% sure that your experience with them ia as convenient as possible to what you expect from the company. With such thinking, they attempt their level best to provide you compatible payment methods, please contact them via following email address to know what possible payment options fits for you.

Tellurian: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

As Tellurian Network is an Internet Service Provider, customers can deactivate their services. advises their customers to contact them directly regarding any issues with their provided connections and services. The company will make a favorable attempt to guide Customer prior to deactivation and will advise step by step that what to do next.

Tellurian: Product images & screenshots
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